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Terms and conditions is not a medical reference service and does not recommend or approve any medical or beauty treatment or product. You should always ask for the advice of qualified medical personnel from a SPA center, or from a medical center, or your personal doctor, before starting any medical or wellness treatment and before buying any spa product.
The use of this website - is guaranteed only in case of acceptance of the using conditions, our restrictions and confidentiality and other notifications that appear on this website. In case of not accepting the terms and conditions, the people who don’t agree, don’t have the permission to access and use these services or this website. has the right, at its own will, to add, modify or eliminate any terms of the terms and conditions without any previous announcement or without assuming any responsibility. Any change of the present Using Conditions is active immediately, once the changes are posted on the site.
The acceptance of a periodical revision of the using conditions and further use of the website after the according changes implies the acceptance of these changes.

The use of this website and its containing information, downloaded or accessed on this website are offered as they are, no type of guarantees provided, including implicitly or market guarantees, without any purpose or without third parties infringement. will not be held responsible for any problem or malfunction of the internet network, equipment, computers, programs or any other elements that may harm your personal computer as a result of the use of this website. reserves the right to modify or to temporary or permanently block any part of this website without further notice. The users of this website accept and agree to use containing information at their own risk. Under no circumstance will be held responsible for direct or indirect damages, caused by and from the use of this website, even if was warned about the existence of this kind of possible damages.

All information, of any nature, posted on this website are property of and/or its colaborators and can’t be copied, rewritten or used with any purpose other than an informative one, without written agreement from the autor. does not guarantee in any way the information in the informative materials from this website and can’t be held responsible about the information from individuals or companies that use the services of does not assume responsibility for the lack or loss of information published on the site.
Users are responsible about the information posted when an account is created on Also, the users are responsible for the use of the account and individual password. does not assume any responsibility in case the user provides or distributes the password to third parties and also for the use of the account by any people, others than the user that created the respective account.
The whole responsibility for the information that is published/transmitted with the use of, by the user, through his account, and also of any consequences that appear as a result of these activities, belongs exclusively to the user.
All search functions provided by are at the user’s disposal in order to improve the functionality of the website. Messages sent on the address and also addresses from which answers from us were sent may remain in the site’s mail history. does not collect personal information after a search in the website but, may keep and analyze the search history, in order to identify the clients’ interests and to improve its services. may include in the site links to other websites that are/aren’t property of cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites.

TECHNIQUE INFORMATIONS and different internet providers may use, in some cases, “cookies”. “Cookies” means the registration of some bits with information from your hard disks. These information don’t collect personal information, but are used in order to improve the quality of internet browsing. Not all browsers accept “cookies” and those who do, offer the possibility to deny them. is available also to users with browsers that don’t accept cookies, except for the log on section. In order to log on the website your browser must be configured to accept cookies.
Server logs is the name of the procedures that gather non-personal information (such as: date and time of the visit on the website, used browser and operating system, IP address or the name of the ISP, the address from which a user came). This information is used by in order to improve the system and to have information that is fully compatible with the navigation systems of the users.

The information provided to by the user is public, except for those messages where the user expresses the wish to keep the confidentiality. The accounts created on are private. Data from these accounts belong to the users and are personal. will not use these data without the authors’ written agreement and will not provide, under any circumstances, user ids or passwords to other people/institutions. At the express request of the Romanian Law Forces, reserves the right to provide the existing data regarding a certain user and also information regarding his activities on the site
The transmission of data and information (including emails) on the internet and on other public networks is not safe and may get lost, intercepted or changed during transfer. Therefore, we don’t assume any responsibility for these losses or costs that may appear as a result of the public transfer of data on the internet or on other public networks, such as new emails (including messages that contain personal data). We will make reasonable commercial costs in order to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided by the users in order to be according to our restrictions and confidentiality policies.
The information that the user transmits to us will not be considered confidential in any way and will not create any trust obligations from our side, therefore, we don’t take any responsibility in case of, unintentionally, we transmit this information or it is accessed by third parties without our consent.

The users accept and respect the using regulations of this website:

(i) will not upload, post or transmit on or through this site or information contrary to laws that are discriminatory content, racist, threatening, obscene, perverse, offensive, defamatory or objectionable.
(ii) will not violate individual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights or any other proprietary rights of others;
(iii) will not upload viruses, Trojans, scripts or other programs of this kind;
(iv) will not interrupt, overload, interfere or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion of this site, its computer systems, servers or networks
(v) will not provide false information about them, will not impersonate other people and not try to deceive us about their identity or the origin of the content provided, messages or other information
(vi) will not transmit junk mail, chain letters or other unsolicited bulk e-mail or posts in duplicate
(vii) will not collect information about other visitors to the site without their consent and will not systematically extract data or data fields such as financial data or email addresses.

According to Law no. 677/2001 regarding personal data protection and the circulation of information, as amendad by Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing and prelucration of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications environment,  SC EXCLUSIVE ABOUT SPA SRL, registered in the General Register of notifications under no. 18165/16.11.2010, is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes, personal data you provide about yourself, your family member or another person. The purposes of data collection refer to electronic communications services and advertising, marketing and advertising.
According to Law no. 677/2001, you have the right to access and modify the data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions and the right to appeal to justice. Also, you are entitled to oppose the prelucration of personal data and request deletion of these information. In order to exercise these rights, please address with a written, dated and signed request on the address 35 - 39 Emil Racovita Str., Neighbourhood Azur, Villa AZ 15, Voluntari, Ilfov, Romania, in the attention of Mrs. Marian Ioana.
If any information is incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible.

DespreSpa intermediates the sale of services included in the Gift Vouchers (as gift vouchers, cards or email vouchers) for its clients, in order to facilitate access to its commercial partners’ products and services. DespreSpa acts as a representative of the Partner, by promoting its products and services on the website.
The gift vouchers have a limited time in which to be used. An unused voucher in the indicated period loses its validity.
The delivery of purchased gift vouchers will be done in printing form, through post-mail (for the gift vouchers), by plastic cards (for the cards) and by email for the email vouchers .
The voucher is not with name, can be transmitted, and can be used only in the agreed partners’ spas, presented on our webpage (, based on a previous appointment. In order to benefit of the services from the selected spa, please provide your voucher at the front desk.
The theft or loss of the voucher can be announced at the phone number 0745.411.111. or via email at
Simultaneous appointment to more than one spa center (or spa salons) based on one voucher is forbidden.
Falsification of the voucher (or multiplication in order to use it more than once) is considered a crime and is punished accordingly by the Penal Code.
After the purchase and delivery of the Gift Voucher, the responsibility for the quality or the services/products is in the total care of our partner. The client beneficiary of the voucher will respect and submit to the terms and conditions and to the rules applied at each spa or wellness center.
Payment for the gift vouchers can be done via banking transfer or by card.
For payments with debit/credit cards issued by Visa or MasterCard we use the 3D Secure through Verified by Visa and Master Card Secure Code. This system assures the same security level as those from an ATM or POS. 3D Secure guarantees that no information regarding the client’s card is transferred or stored, at any time, on the DespreSpa servers, the data being introduced directly in the Visa and MasterCard. And also, 3D Secure is a login system for the card users in the electronic environment. The log in is based on the security code known only by the card owner and is done on the Visa or MasterCard servers. The 3D Secure system allows online shopping with any card issued under license of Visa and MasterCard, including debit and electronic Maestro and Visa Electron.
In case of online payments, DerspreSpa is not and cannot be held responsible of any additional cost, including but not limited to foreign exchange conversion commissions applied by the issuing bank, in case the used currency is not RON. The responsibility is entirely the client’s.
By submitting the order of the Gift Voucher, the client agrees that all data regarding the order and that are necessary for the purchase is correct, complete and actual at the date of the purchase, named issued order.
By finalizing the order the client agrees that DespreSpa can contact him, in the following purposes/situations, by any available/agreed mean by DespreSpa, depending on the purpose/situation:
- The issuing bank does not accept the transaction;
- Invalidity of the transaction by the processing system, in case of card payment
DespreSpa can unilaterally cancel the order, after a previous notification of the client, without any further obligation for any of the parts, in the following situations:
- the unacceptance of the issuing bank of the transaction in case of an online payment
- invalidity of the transaction by the agreed card processor
- in case of an online payment the data introduced is incomplete or incorrect
- the client’s activity on the website may cause/causes any damage for DespreSpa and/or its partners
- any other objective reasons.

Personal Data
You agree that the access to all products and services will start right away after the fulfillment of all registration formalities.
Submitted information must be correct. By choosing to register, you commit to provide accurate information regarding the name, address and other usefull information. To correct or update your personal data, access
By accessing the user account and use of your personal password, you are responsible for all following actions. SC Exclusive About SPA SRL cannot be held responsible for errors that are a result of the user’s careless regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password.

Security of personal data
Your personal data may be used by for the confirmation of orders, e-mail notifications, mail or other communication ways about further actions, statistics etc.
Your personal data may be submitted to the authorities in order to check the commercial transactions or other authorized institutions to operate any checkings justified by the law.
Data provided by the clients is strictly confidential. SC Exclusive About SPA SRL commits to its clients not to submit the information to third parties and use them strictly in business purposes between the client and
This website uses security measures against loss, alteration or wrong use of the information.
SC Exclusive About SPA commits to respect your rights as specified in Law 677/2001 and, at your request, sent to , commits to: correct, update, block, delete or turn into anonymus data, free of charge, data who’s prelucration is not according to Law 677/2001 regarding the protection of people, the prelucration of personal dara and free circulation of these data; stop prelucrationg your personal data.
Exclusive About SPA SRL certifies that will respect the rights offered by Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of people, the prelucration of personal data and free circulation of these data, of Law no. 365/2002 regarding e-commerce, and also of Ordinance no. 130/2000 regarding the protection of consumers at closing and execution of long-distance contracts with further amendaments. Among these are (but without being limited to):
a. the right to ask SC Exclusive About SPA SRL to confirm if it prelucrates or not your personal data, free of charge, in the limit of one request per year;
b. the right to ask SC Exclusive About SPA SRL to correct, update, block or delete, free of charge, the information that is not according to Law no. 677/2011;
c. the right to ask SC Exclusive About SPA SRL to stop, free of charge, prelucration of personal data;
d.In case of online payments, the payment of the services will be done with the payment solutions provided by Romcard SA.
In order to diminuate the risk that your data enters in possession and is used abusive by third parties:
SC Exclusive About SPA SRL and Romcard SA guarantee the security of informatics systems. Information regarding the card (no, expiration date etc.) are not transferred or stored, at any moment, on the servers of SC Exclusive About SPA SRL or of Romcard SA.
In case of the 3D Secure system for payment with Visa or MasterCard cards, data connected to your card are written directly in the Visa or MasterCard systems, and in case you have a card issued by a 3D Secured certified bank, the authorization of the transaction is done only after you are logged in this system – by entering a code/password that only you know, similar to the PIN used at the ATM.

The entire content of - images, text, graphics, symbols, graphics, scripts, programs and other data – is property of SC Exclusive About SPA and its suppliers and is protected by the laws that protect copywright and intellectual and industrial property rights. The use without the agreement of SC Exclusive About SPA SRL of any previously mentioned ellements is punished by law.
Acces on the website
SC Exclusive About SPA SRL guarantees the user limited acces, for personal use, on this website and does not give the right to partially or totally download or modify the website, to copy, sell/resell or to use the site in other manner, in commercial purposes or in any purposes that are against the interests of SC Exclusive About SPA SRL without written agreement of the company.

The vouchers have different values between 75 RON and 1000 RON, the cards have a minimum price of 150 RON, the email vouchers have a minimum price of 75 RON.
The accompanying envelopes cost 6.5 RON.
The prices include VAT (24%).
The price on the recipt will be the same with the one from the website at the moment of your order, at which shipping costs are added.

 Payment of the srvices
The payment of the services according to the present Terms and Conditions can be done online, by card or with banking transfer in the account of SC Exclusive About SPA SRL (RO37BACX0000000309774001 open at Unicredit Tiriac Bank, Herastrau Agency).
Payment can be done via credit/debit card.
If done online, via credit/debit card, is necessary for you to fill in a form with information regarding the used card. If the transaction succeded, the next screen will offer relevant information regarding your order.
SC Exclusive About SPA SRL accepts the following credot/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro, including virtual cards Visa or MasterCard. Using the payment via credit / debit card, your order will be processed immediately.

Any litigation connected to the use of this service can be amiably resolved.
In case this is not possible, the competency is left to the Romanian courts.
By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the customer assumes all such risks.

Copyright 2010 All texts and materials on this site are property of or its partners and can not be taken without written consent.