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The SPA at Hilton Sibiu

The SPA at Hilton Sibiu

Dear valuable guest,

We have prepared for you a new journey into a different spa
dimension, a dimension which is meant to improve your life quality, preventing disease and gaining in beauty, energy and balance.

We have traveled the world to search for the best sensorial treatments to caress your body, mind and soul. In order for them to work, we choose for you the best products, the
most exquisite essential oils and the most effective creams.

We have refined your experience with therapies that combine the western and eastern wisdom in order to achieve measurable effects on your health and inner beauty.

All of these would not be complete without the presence of nature and physical exercise in such a beautiful surrounding.

We have planned for you many activities including lectures, exercises, field trips, that will fill you up with joy, interesting experiences and friends.
And to make the best of it, our expert Chef has prepared for you the most exclusive healthy options and dietary plans to ensure a healthy living.

Why not trying all of these in the 2012 awarded "Spa of the Year in Romania".