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Relax Restore Rejuvenate by Ana Aslan

Ana Aslan Geriatric Treatment


The Ana Aslan Geriatric Center from O3zone Hotel in Baile Tusnad, offers 2 treatment packages:




Be Young




Ana Aslan” Therapy for 1 year in order to promote an active longevity and prevent degenerative diseases that are specific to ageing.
6 days Balneo Recovery program  
7 nights of accommodation – double room
Full board - recipes and nutrition principles conceived by nutritionists.
Access to pool, jacuzzi, dry sauna and steam sauna, fitness - facilities of O3Zone Hotel, in Tusnad Bath

Both packages include:
-6 days Geriatric program;
-6 days recovery balneotherapy program;
-medical examination upon arrival;
-7 nights accommodation – double room;
-7 days Full board –  with a menu recommended by nutritionists;
-free acces to pool, jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna, fitness in O3zone Hotel, Baile Tusnad;
-medication for the Ana Aslan therapy for one year (in order to promote an active longevity and prevent degenerative diseases associated to ageing)

Other details of the program:
-Friday – is the  entry day  for optimizing treatment procedures;
-Medical  geriatric examination;
-Administration of the Ana Aslan therapy;
- Balneotherapy program for recovery: 6 days with 3-5 procedures/day**

At the end of the program, the doctor will release a medical letter regarding: the treatment that has been followed as well as recommendations for a healthy lifestyle according to Ana Aslan’s concept.


The therapy consists of the medical use of the Gerovital H3 treatment, according to the original method developed by Prof. Dr Ana Aslan. The treatment is strictly personalized, based on prevention or healing purposes, depending on the age and pathology of the patient.

For prevention purposes, Prof. Dr. Aslan recommended that the treatment should be started at the age of 40.

The treatment is recommended in various diseases associated with degenerative pathology: rheumatic diseases, peripheral circulatory disorders, depression, hypertension, atherosclerosis etc.

Contraindications to the Ana Aslan therapy

The `Ana Aslan` therapy is not recommended for those who have suffered from an oncologic disease over the last 5 years.

The balneotherapy program

The balneotherapy program is recommended to be followed parallel to the Ana Aslan treatment, in order to enhance the results. This consists of a daily administration of a 3 to 5 procedures’ package (according to the doctor’s recommendations: hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, paraffin wraps, massage, moffete, baths with mineral water etc.) This program should be started after a preliminary medical examination carried out by the doctor.

For more details on the 2 types of packages, the Ana Aslan’s treatment amd the balneotherapy program, please read the following two files.

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