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Our Team was founded in 2010 out of the desire to spread awareness about the benefits of spa therapies – of those with a local feel, as well as the spa rituals from the different corners of the wold – and to bring as many people as possible into the spa centres. We were very careful at selecting our partners because we wanted the experience of our clients to be of the highest quality and matching to their expectations!

You can find over 3000 helpful articles about spa & wellness online, on, and in our magazine, SPA & Wellness Romania. For the past 7 years, we have been in permanent contact with the spa centres of Romania, with the most appreciated spa consultants, spa trainers and also spa therapists and wellness specialists (yoga, tai chi, Pilates, fitness, etc.)
As a response to the wishes of our clients, we founded the online centre for spa appointments – for spa appointments scheduled for the duration of your lunch break (30 min.), as well as for a day at the spa. Our wellness advisor is at your service to identify your personal preferences in detail and to assist you in choosing the most suitable options in what regards the spa centre, as well as the therapy that is best for you. We will take care of the booking, will confirm the appointment with the reception of the spa centre and will ask for a feedback from you after your visit to be sure that everything went as you hoped and expected. And all this for free!

The guidance we can offer our customers also covers spa trips or holidays. As of June 2017, in collaboration with our partner travel agencies, we created tourist packages made up of a mix of spa & wellness services and experiences with a historical and cultural touch for those that want to visit Romania, but also want to return from their vacation well rested and full of energy after this unusual vacation!

For those that make relaxation and revitalization the main goals of their vacation, we can offer an overview of the wellness retreats in our country that offer spa services, and for groups, we even created our own wellness program – Spaventura, which is very easy to customize!

For our corporate customers, we offer corporate wellness programs. For the experts of the spa market, we founded the SPA Romania Association and annually organize the SPA Business Networking Event since 2014. We have brought the Global Mentorship Program to our country, the only international mentorship program offered free of charge to spa managers, to the heads of reception, the chief therapists and other members of the spa management teams. We represent Romania in the Eastern European Initiative, an initiative of the Global Wellness Institute.

Furthermore, we are Romanian media partners for the European SPA Association and Global Wellness Summit and Global Wellness Day Ambassadors in Romania. team members:


Ioana Marian: After a 10-year career in banking, I decided to find a new direction and dedicate myself to the spa concept, which I discovered by accident. From that moment on, I have studied this domain uninterruptedly and I have discovered its extraordinary facets. I founded the portal to spread the idea that Spa does not only mean pampering, but that it also is a very efficient modality to prevent disease and remain balanced. We communicate these principles daily to the readers, as well as to the employees of the companies where we carry out our well-being programs.

For the spa specialists of Romania, we started the annual SPA Business Networking Event and we founded – alongside other professionals of the industry – the SPA Romania Association.
As of the summer of 2016, I was also named Global Wellness Day Ambassador for Romania and – as of 2017 – we have the title of the Global Mentorship Program for Romania and Member of the Eastern European Initiative – a project of the Global Wellness Institute brand.


Cyndia Gulyas
PR & Comuniaction

I have always thought that intelligence needs to rounded out with cultural knowledge. It is in vain that someone may solve sophisticated math problems, if they cannot discuss some music, art, literature, beauty… In that sense, I chose to combine studying economics with art. To take care of the rational side, without ever forgetting about the soul. From my old passion for writing, the subtle (or not so subtle) pieces of advice emerge in my articles, through which I try to nudge people towards finding their balance, as I understand the latter notion to mean being healthy and beautiful, on the inside and out. If I were to define, I would say that it is a guide promoting precisely this sort of balance, a project that transforms relaxation into art, a virtual encyclopedia which successfully undid the cliché of “pampering equals luxury”. Only someone who takes care of their soul as well as their body is healthy, and as an old saying goes, those who have health, has hope. And those who have hope, have everything.


Iulia Dinca

Ever since 2013 – when I graduated a fitness & aerobics instructor training – I have felt that the idea of working in this field is very appealing to me, as I love working with people, motivating them to take care of their health and seeing positive results coming out of the advice I am fortunate to share. At the current time, I am involved in several wellness and well-being projects for the business segment in Romania: wellness workshops, echilibrium, wellness team buildings, the international event entitled Global Wellness Day, corporate well-being articles written for the online version of the magazine. I am also a trainer for wellness workshops and have created the first integrated well-being program in the country.


Simona Ionel: I have an analytical character and I think that writing does not necessarily represent my strongest trait, but patience is certainly one of my most important qualities. I have “practiced” it a lot, especially in the professional field, when I accepted the challenge of being part of the team of the greatest medical spa in the country. There I met people passionate of their work, that transmitted this special “virus” to me: the joy of helping those around me with finding their balance. For three years, I breathed and lived spa, I have learned and am still learning what this concept means. Until now, I have found that it is a shortcut to obtaining a state of well-being, of harmony, a necessary shortcut in a world that is set on fast forward. Many a times, we look for peace on the outside, in exotic places or the people around us. But we must understand that peace is within us. We must look patiently in our selves until we find the place from which we never want to ever leave. It is a marvelous feeling to know that you can help others, guiding them on this journey of rediscovery of the self. I can concretely contribute to the wellness of others through my activity in the team, where I am a Wellness Advisor. I offer specialized consultancy in the field of well-being and I can gladly offer you answers to any question about the suitable therapies and treatments which can bring you closer… to yourselves. team